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The companion often referred to are those friendly adult stars that are the most google searched and most recognizable, those who have a  loyal fan base.  The almost pop culture types delivers the most incredible scenes much like a Hollywood stunt devil with a super human endurance. Lets examine the personality of the girls on film. I like the content of Digital Desires and Twistys and what i find more enjoyable are what industry insiders commonly refer to as STILLS or pretty girl stills. I Just adore the styles of Holly Randall, Her work is stunning truly. Another mention is FTV girls. After a while when one becomes more familiar with the different styles it is easy to tell who’s work is who. Before blogging about the individual Porn Stars please visit our other blogs and  Instagram  here TLC blog

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Always remember through the threshold of the ENTER button of the most epic porn star site are the most beautiful adult stars of America TLC Companions

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Luxury Companion

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000001aa Alisha King







The Luxury Companion

Hello Fans and loyalist followers of The Luxury Companion. Here comes another short blog about what is up and coming. TLC announcements of new Companions.  TLC has just began loading some pics on Instagram Please sure to stop by and visit our Instagram.

Each time you view a Luxury Companion it takes you to that faraway place to the back or front of the mind, mesmerizing and tantalizing scenes of your favorite porn star in a tease scene of a video clip you just cant get out of your thoughts only to browse the net only to stumble upon that deja vous epiphany moment in sudden realization “ I was just thinking about this just now” Just A walk hand in hand with the thoughts. I am in the land of milk and honey

The question of where and how does one go about the task of meeting that IT  Girl, the one witnessed on DVD box covers and magazines and oh yes not to forget                      000001bb

How all this began, It began on a screen of some sort. Porn Movies that’s right    Porn stars in movies for adult s and by adults.Why not get off the couch or chair, why not get on the idea of doing something About this streak of just thinking and leaving to imagination meeting up and contact Adonia at TLC where the phrase was coined meeting porn stars up close and ever so personal The Luxury Companion makes it happen. Do you travel a extensively ? Ever wondered if it was ever possible to have a

Personal travel assistant companion on those business trips ? Well guess what You can and it is not rocket science in this quest.Meet that super hot and sultry tempting girl on films and others who are so often these days referred to as The girl next door friendsthe luxury companions blogger Chayse Evans Luxury Companion    luxury-companion-lipsTLC on Pinterest

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[Video] Introducing The Luxury Companion – Where Fantasy Meets Reality

The Luxury Companion is a premier adult dating company specializing in luxury companionship.
Date your favorite adult superstars, including multiple nominees and winners of a prestigious AVN award, and countless other gorgeous women who are anxiously waiting to accompany you. Whether you’re looking for a date to impress your business colleagues or a more personal weekend getaway, The Luxury Companion is sure to satisfy your every desire.